Hi there reader! I’m Shreeya Sharma.

I’m an eighteen years old Indian trying to find her place in the world and getting acquainted with life in the process. Equipped with my crazy imagination and carefree self, I am on a quest to discover myself. I see life as a bundle of mysterious and magical miracles. And I am living and experiencing the miracles of my life unfold beautifully everyday, every moment.

In December 2017 I completed 8 years of blogging on WordPress. In those eight years,  I have come a long way from being the little girl in school who was too shy to share her blog with her friends, to the present where I feel a huge sense of pride in my ownership of this little corner on the cyberspace.  From being “Shreeya’s Blog” to “Absorbed in Words”, the blog has gone through many transformations and has grown into so much more than I had imagined. And I have grown and evolved with it. It has allowed me to grow and given me amazing opportunities which I will forever be grateful for.

However, I have been meaning to do things in a more structured and organized manner. With that intent I have created this new book blog, Absorbed in Books, specifically for discussing books and literature, things I am deeply passionate about. My other blog, Absorbed in Words, will stay right there in its rightful spot in the cyberspace, for my mindless musings, drawings, calligraphy and all other stuff.

I hope to meet book bloggers and book lovers from all over the cyberspace through this stage of my blogging journey.

So let’s begin this new endeavour with high spirits and lots of excitement!

Live long and prosper